Monday, May 2, 2011

Paper Blossom Tutorial

Welcome to my first ever tutorial. I had no idea they were so tricky! It took me much longer to make the tutorial than it did to make this flower lol! Enjoy!
I used a roll of brown craft paper found at Walmart in the paint section, it was around 6 bucks for the roll, but you could use ANY kind of paper, scrapbook, card stock, butcher paper etc...

If you don't want to see the staples, you could use glue dots, or hot glue, I prefer the staples because they're so quick, and I kind of like the look of them :)

Now, stick it up on the wall and admire...cute! Now make a whole bunch more, they are SO easy and quick! Wouldn't they be SUPER cute in bright butcher paper for a party? Or using vintage book pages? I'm making up a bunch to put in my craft room! My SIL had me make some to use in her photography studio! You can make them big or little, bright or muted, let me know if you make them I'd love to see!!!


  1. Love it! I would probably use hot glue next time because I had to edit out all the staples. The flowers are so easy and Ca-ute!!!

  2. This is awesome because this looks like a craft I could actually do!! But what do you do with them? Like hang them? Or stick them? I need to see yours. But I love it and I want to try it!