Sunday, April 24, 2011

Downeast CLEARANCE Center

Ahhh, this is one of my FAVORITE thrifty places to shop. This is the downeast clearance center. (If you're in Utah, and you're interested, it's at 3500 West and 3500 South in West Valley Utah, sandwiched between a "fresh market" and Golds Gym)
The Downeast clearance center is home to thousands of items from Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, crate and Barrel, all those type of fancy and pricey places that have been damaged, or returned, used, were displays, etc. So, they are PERFECT for someone like me (and you) to dress them up a bit, and for a fraction of the real price, you can get these super amazing home decor items, furniture, bedding (for fabric), towels, blankets, rugs, curtains, and clothes!
I picked out some Pottery Barn drapes form this bin for 5 bucks each, the trick was to find ones that matched, but I did and I'm super stoked!
Thes glass canisters were $10, $5, and $2.50, the catch is, they have a glass etched monogram that was messed up...SO, I'm going to cut a cute bracket tag out of chalkboard vinyl with my cricut, to cover up the monogram, and put them in my bathroom with cotton balls, q-tips, and soap! Ca-YUTE!
Endless bins of pottery barn linens, ohhhh the possibilities!
Look at these adorable backpacks! Just sew a piece of canvas over the embroidered name, and VOILA, new cute PBK backpack!
This is where I get all my onesies to "be-dazzle", they have an embroidered name on them, so that has to be covered, or cut out, but I have oodles of experience and ideas for making them adorable! Plus, the Pottery Barn quality is SO nice, it feels SO good to hold a baby wearing such a quality item :)
It also helps to have a shopping buddy to keep you company :) He's a GREAT shopper, and always charms everyone we meet :)
Downeast Shirts! LOVE them, and here, they sell surplus shirts for $3 bucks or 2 for $5! Love it! When I was pregnant, I came here and picked out like eight solid colored shirts in a size bigger than I normally wear, to fit my belly, and they were the staple of my pregnancy wardrobe, for like $20 bucks! YEAH!
Cute swimsuits, nothing wrong with them, just overstock, or last season, whatevs! SWEET DEAL!

I cannot even count how many awesome things I have purchased from this wonderful store, I could list on and on...and on.

Have I convinced you to need to experience this for yourself?! You gotta check it out, and if you're in town and need someone to go with, let me know I'll be there in a flash!


  1. uh...can we stop there when I come!? we're going to shop til we (literally) drop!

  2. DANG- that would be a sweet place. We have Downeast home and clothing...but that's where it stops. It's all like...spendy stuff! Layering t's for 2 for 5?!?! Lucky Lucky.

  3. Are you trying to make us hate you?!
    Jealous!! =)

  4. LOOOOOOOVE that place!!! Sometimes i crave it! When I want to find a god deal, That's where I want to go! So awesome! Love it!

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  8. Does anyone know where they moved to?


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