Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NPS store

Okay, I know I'm totally stuck on sharing thrifty stores right now, but I haven't been able to make much these last few weeks becasue there's still so much unpacking and organizing to do in the new house, maybe I should give myself an hour or so each day to create something just for fun...we'll see :) For now, I want to share with you another favorite good deal store of mine.

It's called NPS
(if you're in Utah, the address is 1600 South Empire Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, it's in this warehouse section of town...)

It's similar-ish to Canned food warehouse (Rainbow) but it has much more. But the idea is similar, nearly expired food items and overstock. Some things are a GREAT price, and some are the same as other grocery stores. I do buy a few food items there, but what I really love is the other side if the store, where the fabric and home goods section lives.

This is the fabric section. It's nothing fancy, but it can be totally awesome! I have found countless amazing ribbons (like a spool of 100 yards of 1 1/4 in. brown grosgrain ribbon for $5), and trims (like an 18 yard spool of pom-pom ball fringe for $2) and really cool fabrics (like a yard of grey eyelet that is 60" wide that I'm going to make a cute tunic top out of for $2.50).

In this little cubby of a room there are bolts upon bolts of cool fabric, all at least 60" wide!
Below: spools of 50-100 yards of velcro for like $10 and some kind of fancy doily things :) {also, in the top right of the pic below doesn't that look like a "PINK" mannequin from Victorias Secret? I think it is}

There's also this home goods section of pillows, rugs and usually there's some really cool furniture here, not today though...
Also, not pictured is a "dollar store" section, where everything is a buck. I have found cool stuff in there! Like t-shirts, bags, etc.

Anyway, that's the NPS store. It's really cool, and fun to see what you can find.
What kind of cool stores are there in your neck of the woods?


  1. I want to go back there and check out all that stuff! We only went through the food last time, which is still cool and has lots of good deals but I really wanna check it out!! Pretty neat-o! Love you!

  2. so many cool stores in Utah! I'm jealous!