Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Line leader rope

I teach nursery {18 months to 3 years old} at church. I love it. During the 2-ish hours we spend together, we like to take a walk around the outside of the church and talk about the pretty flowers, and the grass and the sky. Sometimes we chase bubbles, sometimes we play ring around the roses, sometimes we play spin and spin until you fall down, and sometimes we play c'mon honey, let's not play with those rocks, or I know that pit with a grate covering it is fascinating, but let's keep walking! {they ALL get distracted by this 5ft x5ft grate in the grass on the lawn of the church...}

anyway, with 8-10 munchkins out at a time, and two adults keeping track of them, the almost 3 year olds cruising ahead, and the eighteen-month olds barley toddling along trying to keep up, we needed a line leader rope.
They sell these online for anywhere from $25-50 bucks, I made mine for $6.
It's just webbing (that I happened to have a ton of in my stash) with the loops covered in WILD ribbon (each spool cost $2 on sale at Hobby Lobby, wasn't a necessity, but I'm glad I didn't leave it plain. The loops are spaced about 12 -15 inches apart.

Each child grabs hold of one of the loops and as we walk, they all stay together! I've seen these used in pre-school for outings, especially great for crossing the street etc.

This little beauty will keep 12 little people all together and safe during our walks! I can't wait to try it out!
The little man HAS to be in the pictures I'm taking lately, he thinks he's so funny. He is :)

I don't have an action shot of this yet, but it will be awesome.
I'm remembering having something similar to this when I was little, it was just a white rope with knots tied in it every 12 or so inches and we each had to grab onto a knot. Anyone else remember those?


  1. Yes! I remember using one at the stake center. Did they do nursery during stake conference when we were kids? Yours is way cuter!

  2. I love it Court! You are so dang crafty. I'll just have to go to JoAnn's more to see your pretty little face ;)

  3. Turned out so cute! I totally remember using those! This one is MUCH cuter!! Good luck with all those little munchkins!!

  4. how fun and cute! I remember those ropes when we were little! Ofcourse they weren't cute like that- but I remember the little knots we'd hold on to. I think they were knots? cute.

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