Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glass Jars and more chalkboard vinyl labels

I bought these awesome jars at downeast, but they had been glass etched, and monogrammed. Now I could have just turned them around so the monogrammed side was facing the back, but I think it would have bugged me too much. So, more chalkboard vinyl labels! YAY!
They have GREAT potential! They were $10, $5, and $2.50

A little cleaning and some nice crisp white bathroom supplies, and cute chalkboard vinyl labels, and ...


I really love them (NO natural light in the bathroom=less than ideal photos, but you get the idea :)

I love how they all look together, so clean, and uniform. Sigh...

Aaaand, I also bought this jar at Walmart (UNDER $7!!!) and put my Oxi clean it it, and spray painted a tin rectangle to put dryer sheets in, and put them all in a basket I got at the DI. (Also no light in the laundry room, so I took these in the bedroom, but you get the idea.)
I also want to put a place in the basket for change and pocket treasures, and maybe even a trash can to keep dryer lint...

HERE are more of my chalkboard vinyl the kitchen :)

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  1. Love this! I just need to copy everything you do, and I'm guaranteed an adorable house!

  2. When I have a house I am so doing that oxi clean jar! I love it! Ok- you just taught me something. So- you know in magazines how they have what you did, the soap bars in the big jars. This whole time I've been looking at it from a different perspective. I've been looking at it like- the jar would be NEXT to the sink, you'd wash your hands, reach in the jar to get a bar of soap, wash your hands and put it back in the jar. I always thought- who would do that, it would get messy fast! OK_ DUH IT'S JUST FOR STORAGE! What the heck, why did it take me so long to figure this out? And we hate shower gel, we HAVE to use soap bars cause my skin is all crazy from cancer. I COULD TOTALLY STORE SOAP BARS IN A CUTE JAR!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou for this epiphany. Because I've always loved the look, but never understood the why. I know you're laughing at me right now. love you.

  3. Love your labels....and love your hand writing! So cute!

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