Monday, May 23, 2011

Modified Tunic ikat Top

So, I found this tunic at Walmart on clearance for $3. I like the ikat print, I think it's totally bohemian cool...but it fits kind of like...a I changed it to fit a little more flattering!
Glamourous before shot, see how it kind of makes me look bigger than I am...

So first I cut the neck, because I think a square neck is more flattering.
Then I added some muslin as a lining and sewed it together, keeping the small v that was left over from the original neckline.
I also used elastic thread in the back to cinch it up and bit and make it more fitted (I didn't take a photo of that process...)

And now, it looks MUUUUCH better!
Altered neckline
shirred back (I just did 5 rows that were 6-7 inches long, about 1/2 inch apart)
And, much better! Nice and fitted, still flowy and comfy, perfect for a summer time barbecue! Not bad for $3, right?

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