Thursday, April 28, 2011

Staining Concrete Basement: part 2, Finished Product

So, I forgot my camera on moving day, so I didn't get to get a shot of the basement without all our stuff in it, but you can still see how cool it turned out, I like it a lot. I wanted to do a clear shiny coat on top, but I got out voted by the hubbs, and since this is his "man-cave" he gets to win this one :)
Looks kinda mottled...and cool:) I like the variation of the dark and light spots in it

We are in desperate need of food storage due time I suppose, but for now this is the reality of our basement haha, good luck finding what I need eh?
Speaking of reality....this is what our living room looks like right now...coming together? ha ha, moving is the pits, but it IS super fun finding the perfect place to put everything in our OWN house, and having room for it all. I am kind of afraid to put any holes in the walls, they are so perfect right now lol! What do I do?!
Well, that's the progress, stay tuned for more updates, although I won't be posting a thing this weekend because we're going to ZION NATIONAL PARK with 2 of the sibs! Can't wait!


  1. Have you heard of velcro-ing pictures on the wall? You use that same brand where you have a sticky thing on the back of a hook, and it is really strong and then comes off easy, no sweat? WELL, that same brand came out with velcro, so you put the special sticky side to the wall (that comes off easily without leaving ickies) and then the other side of the velcro to your pics, and they seriously stay on! My mom did her big family collage with it so it's really great for not putting holes in. Good luck moving! I love moving! hah- seriously, it's wierd but I really do. I don't like the physical labor, but once the boxes are inside it's so fun to put everything away.

  2. Pretty sure it's command brand. Something like this...

    You could probably find it at walmart I'm sure. But yeah, they sell just velcro like strips that hold pictures.

  3. LOOOOOOVE the floor! waaay better than just plain old concrete! Bleh! Looks like a beauty! Don't worry about the mess! In due time, it will all look so beautiful! Can't wait for that post! And I also CANNOT wait for this weekend! YESSS!!!! Love you!

  4. ok so dido to danielle. That's how I put up all my pictures, even REALLY heavy ones. I do it because I don't liek to refill the holes in the walls when we move apartments. AND- you might think it's expensive, but the ONLY thing you have to replace is what you put on the wall, you never have to replace what you put on the frame again, just the refills to put on the wall. Just trust me and buy them! They have all different sizes for all different weights. So exciting you have so much space tow ork with!!!!!!! Can't wait to see all the finished projects. and love that little white side table.