Friday, May 27, 2011

Above the Kitchen Cabinets...YUM

I have to be honest, I have anxiety about what to put above the kitchen cabinets. People do SUCH cute things up there, but mine is small-ish, and I do NOT feel like arranging stuff like little knick knacks is a strength of mine, and neither is buying them.

At Hobby Lobby, these ultra thick (3 layers) chipboard letters were on sale 1/2 price, making them $1 each. So I bought letters to spell "YUM"...I've seen people do "EAT" a lot before, but I like this little different twist...

I looked everywhere for some BOLD scrapbook paper to modge podge onto the letters, but everything was too small of a print, and not quite the right color. So, after I sprayed the letters white, I cut out some chevrons, quatrefoils, and dots onto freezer paper with my cricut and sort of ironed them onto the chipboard {a word of advice, just a quick press will do the trick, any more than that and it will be hard to peel the paper off of the chipboard...but without a good press, the paint will bleed} After I ironed down the freezer paper, I did 2 VERY LIGHT coats of Krylons "Ocean Breeze" Spray paint. Then I peeled off the paper, and VOILA!!! YUM!
I love it! In this photo, the letters are balancing on the cabinet moulding...gonna have to come up with a more permanent fix for that, I was just so excited to take a picture though! :) Now I need some greenery, vase/pot, plate, who knows! Any suggestions?!
{I didn't take a picture of the whole kitchen because it's not clean...just keepin it real...}
Do you have space for cutesy stuff above your cabinet? What do you do with it?!


  1. What a cute idea! I like "YUM" better than "EAT" SO cute!!!! And I LOVE and Color and the cutesy designs! I don't have any room on top of my cabinets but maybe someday when I buy a house, I will! And I will probably copy that cute idea!! Love it!!

  2. I LOVE them! Ideas for top of cabinets. Lizzie did white bowls and cake stands that were all different shapes, it looked really cool. You could do the same thing with blue or another color. OR you could just go to the thrift store and get a bunch of random pottery, bowls, ect, and spray paint all them the same color or coordinating colors. I'm not into greenery, it seems fake and old ladyish to me. love you.

  3. Hey, if you want to simplify your life for later on, try this. I haven't done it yet, but i think it is a good idea. I read it somewhere. While your kitchen is new and clean, cut masonite or ??? to fit the top of the cabinets. Something with a finish on it. Then it will be easier to clean than the raw wood and all those corners and angles. And, when you try to put stuff up there, it doesn't have to balance. it has a flat, smooth surface to rest on!