Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Houndstooth Blanket

My new favorite method of finishing off a fleece blanket...with bias tape! I have grown tired of the fleece tied blankets, (No offense if that's your thing) and to be honest there aren't a TON of fleece prints that I even like, but this houndstooth one aught my eye when JoAnns was having a super fleece sale this winter, so I picked up a bit. I also scored this pretty green-ish blue-ish bias tape from the NPS store for .79 cents a package. nice. It only took my like 25 minutes to finish this SUPER easy blanket. If you don't sew a ton, you can for sure do this little blanket, but if you do sew a ton, then you know what a cinch this will be right?!
Added my little PLaY logo, looks so professional right?!
Aaaand we have a winner! Everett likes it too.
Sooo snuggly
And fun for playing Peek-a-boo!

I seriously use this blanket all the time, watching movies, in the car, sleep-overs, you name it. LOVE it!


  1. Your little guy is so cute! Love the blanket...My only worry would be the fleece streching and loosing its shape while sewing! Yours looks so awesome!

  2. love the blanket, Court! I too, am over the tied blankets, never liked them, never made one. The bias tape makes it so classy+plus the logo=you're super cool. :D