Thursday, June 9, 2011


My first adventures with freezer paper and fabric paint last year, enjoy!

I have been having a blast crafting up a storm. A friend is having a baby girl, so I got to indulge in some girly things that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to... so that's why some of these are girly...if they aren't, then they are for our baby :)
LOL...okay it's like iPod...only iPood...ha ha ha ha ha...not my original idea, but I love it!!! I also learned to freezer paper stencil and fabric paint, LOVE it, so easy peasy, and fast!
Another freezer paper stencil, love these whimsical birdies, don't you???
I have a thing for elephants....
HEY did I mention I got all these onesies on clearance at Walmart for $1.50??? LOVE it!
Oh man, this has to be the favorite, who doesn't LOVE a ruffle bum??? It was very easy too, if you can't tell, there are tiny pink hearts on the onesie...too cute!
Okay, I LOVE this image. Also, I learned something SO cool about the fabric paint I used. It was my first time, so when I bought it at JoAnn's, I just grabbed the only white one I saw. When I got home I noticed it said "Velveteen finish" on the bottle. WTH...I just wanted normal! BUT I wasn't about to take it back right away, plus I was anxious to try out freezer paper stenciling for the first time, so I used it anyway. It went on totally normal, dried totally normal, then I read the directions, and it said "to give it the velveteen finish, put your iron on "steam" and hold 1/2 inch above painted surface, and it will "Puff up" I gave it a shot. IT IS SO COOL!!! It turned it totally THICK, and kind of SOFT, and really bold, can you see how it looks embossed or something? I love it! What a happy accident! Try it, you won't regret it! The only thing is, it kind of gets ripple-ie...but I think with a chubby baby wearing it, that won't be an issue :)
This tree is just Applique, but I love it


  1. Ok- so as you know from previous comments, I don't know anything about freezer paper and paint fabric deal etc. SO- my question is- how do they wash? Because you are inspiring me to make things for my baby, but will it just be a one time deal? or can I wash the heck out of it? and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the things you made- LOVE THEM! Love those ruffles!!!!!!

  2. These are SO cute!! I need your help with all of mine now!! :) I especially love that ruffle bum one!! Who doesn't love a little ruffly diaper bum?! you are an inspiration to me! Please help! :) Can't wait to see you! It's been WAAAAAY too long!!