Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Applique Onesies

These were my first batch of applique onesies I made with some outfits I got on clearance before Everett was even born! here's that post:

Project: Applique
I love this old man looking tie...I wanna make some dark tan corduroys to go with...

Sweet little sailboat...

Okay so I had previously mentioned getting some AMAZING deals at Macy's, well they more mostly carters stuff, cudlly onesies and I think this is moderately cute..."I wanna be a fireman" okay, cut-ish, but not really my style, SO I transformed a bunch of mediochre outfits into VERY. CUTE. one-of a kind beauties! :)
This fireman one became a Pirate one...cute no?
Now I won't bore you with pictures of all of these outfits before I bedazzled them, just know they are a million times cuter now!

Stole this alligator idea from Gymboree...I had to have that little alligator, but theirs was so expensive, so I copied it :)

And this one is my favorite...a little charlie brownish if you ask me...I hand embroidered the brown stitching...SO cute, I love it!

A little bit of bum detail...
So it will be awhile before the little man can wear any of these outfits, but that's okay with me...I'll probably be grateful that I have them done already :)

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  1. So I totally wish we lived closer. I think we could be crafting best friends! I love all of the stuff you do. This post was great and gave me a "duh, why didn't I think of that" kind moment. I have this nice shorts/onsie thing for my little boy with the ugliest surfing monkey on it. By your example, I turned it into a cute turtle appliqué onsie and I love it. I'll post it on my blog one of these days.

    PS Hope it's ok, but I'm linking your blog up on mine so I can keep up with your cute ideas.