Thursday, June 9, 2011

Knit Maternity dress

This is a post from last year...I wore this dress ALL the time while pregnant, to church, to school, etc. So comfy!

Okay, first project on my new sewing machine: Knit dress...knit is a pain in the bum to sew with...I love the dress though, so it turned out okay :) The sleeves were hard, but I'm expanding my sawEEt skills :) Also, I got this fabric a long time ago from Walmart, for .50 cents a this dress costed like 1.25 in fabric :) I also have a plain grey one I am working's the MOST comfortable thing to wear...and it's the knit is very giving :)23 week belly

I gotta say, this is not my favorite angle, straight on...BUT I had to show the whole dress...A close up of the gathered ruffly sleeve...cute!


  1. ok where did you find the pattern? I can't find any maternity patterns anywhere. It is so cute and does look incredibly comfy! And you really look great in it, as well

  2. Ditto--pattern please! This is so cute!