Saturday, June 4, 2011

My favorite dress


I love to sew, BUT I don't do patterns, I make SIMPLE things with straight seams mostly and some other fun stuff, but I have been afraid of patterns, they never turn out right for me. Well, I decided I needed to get over it. I inherited some fabric from my Aunt Marilyn, she's a gem and saved me a TON of school teacher stuff when she retired, and some vintage fabric from the 1950's and such. So I fell in love with this fabric, and I had been saving this pattern for just the right material...I am SO proud of my accomplishment, PLUS this is not only the CUTEST dress I have ever seen, it is the MOST comfortable dress ever, I want to make like five more and wear one every day, it is so comfy and cute, talk about a double wammy!!!

I decided to make the straps a bit wider than the pattern said, and I added the ric rack :)
I love the colors in this dress so much!


  1. Yeah I kind of covet this dress of yours, the fabric is amazing! That's it, I'm trying this pattern! I don't know if I can pull off the maxi dress but I want to try. hehe

  2. hey I just bought this pattern about a month ago!!!! What a happy coincidence! Now I have a better idea of what it will look like!!

  3. That is beautiful on you! I love the fabric especially!

  4. Beautiful dress...Beautiful lady....Beautiful mommy! Sure do miss you (and Everett, too:) Have had so much fun tonight looking through all of the fun and creative things on your new blog! You are such an amazing and creative person. Love you!

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