Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moving Boxes

WHAT?! Did you know that a completely different world lives at Walmart at midnight? It's kind of magical...and kind of...different. First of all, everything looks different when the usual shoppers in each aisle are replaced by pallets full of boxes full of items to be re-stocked. Secondly, the only shoppers there are WeiRDOS, (yeah, I realize I grouped myself with said weirdos...) but seriously.

{teensy little tangent} YOU CAN'T BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO WALMART AT MIDNIGHT! Your babes should be asleep and dreaming at such hours (so should I!). I feel like it's child abuse.
(in the pic this family has THREE KIDS out scoring through the bargain dvd's...one of them is behind the sign, I pretended to take a picture of John (in his special hoodie) so they wouldn't get wise to my plot, I am so tricky no?)
There were SEVEN different families with babies and kids tonight. Seriously? I just felt so bad for the kids, they don't know how terrible it is that they are being kept up so late, and the school aged kids, I'm sorry, what part of get a good night's rest and eat a good breakfast so your kid can be in tippy-top shape to learn stuff don't you understand. UGH. K, I'm stepping off my soapbox.

The reason I ventured out so late was to get moving boxes. I had been scouring craigslist daily looking for free moving boxes, and decided to try my hand at scrounging some at Walmart, I thought I might have to dig through some piles to find some usable ones, but dumpster diving is not beneath me, just ask my college roomies :) ANYWAY, I was told by someone once that cereal boxes are the best ones to get for packing, not too big, not too small. So I come to the cereal aisle and theres this glorious shopping cart full of collapsed boxes, all the SAME size, lined up like a card catalog. I asked the stocker guy if I could have them, and he said SURE, and that it's nice when people come take his boxes. really?! Could not have been easier, in fact I went back a second night when we ran out of boxes and the same guy had another cart full of nicely collapsed moving boxes, like they were waiting for me. cute.

{This picture is from the third night of scrounging boxes, we were too early for the cart full of cereal boxes all nice and neat...we did manage to get a few though}

Don't buy moving boxes, the ones from Walmart are free, and uniform sizes, the only downer is you have to stay up to get there when they're stocking, and you have to/get to see all the crazies that come out at night.


  1. hahahah Wal Mart is TOTALLY a new place at night! Back in my Wal-Mart cashier days, I would work from 7-11 PM and that's when the freaks come out and all the shelve stockers. It's totally a creepy feeling!!!

    I'm glad you scored on your boxes and I'm sooo pumped for your move!!! Can't wait to see the place. Sorry I can't help out tomorrow :(

  2. Love your new blog! Love your new house, love everything! I am inspired by your thriftiness and craftiness. And I'm totally going to make sweet potato applesauce baby food next week. I hate dropping money for that stuff at the store!

  3. Can't wait to see your new house! I hope I'm invitied sometime! How long will you be staying at the in-laws while you get set up? We are in the middle of getting things done for Logan and Anne, so we are in a mess as well. Wish I had someplace else to stay.......
    Love ya!

  4. I bust out laughing when I saw that picture of john with the family in the backround- LOVE IT! hahahah. oh man, I laughed so hard. It is really crazy!!! and sad! So I must be a crazy, cause I've totally shopped that late, and there's boxes everywhere and you can barely fit a cart through the isles! It does feel creepy and wrong at night time- ha. Mike and i got all our moving boxes from fredmeyers, they were fruit boxes, it was really funny- because they all matched, with banannas on teh outsides, it looked like we bought them special-ha. THe people who helped us move into our apartment asked us if we were moving bananas. ha. I'm so glad youw ere ablet o get some from walmart! and I looked at your cement posts- really cool! that fairy dust stuff looks cool, I want to see it in real life. fun!

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