Monday, April 11, 2011


Meet Gladys. We met today at Salvation Army. I noticed her from across the room, and liked her curves right away. I played hard to get while I mozied to her corner of the store, trying to be coy...along the way I picked up Vincent, he begged me to take him home and make him dazzle. So, when I finally approached Gladys, I wheeled her over to have a look-sie...she whined at me for not being gentle enough, (Really, she was screechy loud like fingernails on a chalkboard) and asked that I treat her like the delicate dainty beauty she is(N'T).
So I had a sit. She spins! fun! Loved the arm rests, but she was so squeaky! What to do. I walked away. I went to the toys aisle. She was still on my mind though. I went to the wood and baskets, still on my I went back to her. I had another sit. WHAT?! She also ROCKS, like back and forth, like I leaned back and stretched out my legs, and she was comfy.
She wanted to come home with me and be my sewing pal, she promised if I took good care of her she would stop whining. Okay. She was even 25% off! So I only paid $7.50 for her! Welcome home Gladys, you'll be looking spiffy in no time!
This guy is going to turn into this bold brute from jones design company, with maybe some added lovelies...can't wait!
These two found me at the DI. Their lines are pretty, I will paint Should I go bold? White, teal, apple green??? What to do...whats you're opinion?
I like their shades, but they are a little large for these bases I think...
They were $10.00 for the pair, INCLUDINg the shades! What a steal.
I love you DI, and Salvation Army. Thank you for Gladys, Vincent, and the twins.


  1. Do I get a prize for being the first to comment on your new site? :) I can't wait to see how the chair turns out. I'm sure it will be FABULOUS!

  2. SO FAR SO GOOD!!!!! People are going to love this!! Good work Court! I love it!

  3. Super cute! Can't wait to see their transformations!

  4. IF you haven't painted the lamps yet, I saw a similar one painted teal with a white shade that looked awesome. Or, green apple would be fun also. I have a bright blue lamp in my family room and love the pop of color!