Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Epoxy/Painting the garage

Remember how concrete gives me the heebies? Well, we decided to do an epoxy/paint seal on our garage floor to make it...nicer :) We wanted to get it done before we moved in so we wouldn't have to move everything out of the garage to do it, we knew it would probably never come to pass...

So here's how we did it, INCLUDING all our mistakes along the way (So you're sure NOT to make them!)

Step 1: SWEEP/Squirt
We swept all the dirt out of the garage, and then to make sure it was super clean, we used a hose with a good pressure nozzle to squirt it all out.
Step 2: Scrubbing/Etching
We used the Quikrete bond-lok again, it took about 3/4 of a bottle for our 400 square foot garage. After you follow the directions on the bottle, rinse it really well. Then let it dry overnight.
All cleaned and etched:
Step 3: Paint
The next day we came back and started by cutting in with a paint brush (painting all the edges and cracks) Then we filled in with a roller.
{Now here's where we made the mistake...embarrassing right? We didn't read the directions all the way...ugh. We thought, okay, paint it, slap it on, sprinkle color flakes, done. Well, you're supposed to start with a LIGHT coat over the whole thing, to make a good bond, and then go over it with a heavy coat. DOH! We just did one heavy coat. It has chipped in a few places already because we were stupid and didn't read the directions. DO NOT make the same mistake! }

We used Seal-Krete, and had it tinted to "charcoal grey" We used 2 full cans for our 400 square foot garage, we were very liberal with the paint. It cost $27 for each can
We also used Quikrete color chips to give it a little texture, we chose the above colors a mix of black white and grey flakes. We used one can of flakes for our whole garage. They cost about $8

cutting in, getting right to it

I was the sprinkle-fairy...that part was kinda fun!

finishing it all off

All done!!! for some reason it looks navy blu-ish in this picture, in real life it looks more grey :)
Total cost $80 (we already had paint rollers and brushes)
Now we need to sand and stain those steps, it's a never ending to do list! What's on your to-do list?


  1. Just read about what you did to your garage floor. It looks nice! Did you put a clear coat sealer over the color flakes? We getting ready to do this but are worried about how the flakes will wear without a clear coat over them. Thanks!

  2. The color of the floor paint and sprinkle make a great combination. It actually looks like Milky Way on the ground! :D Anyway, adding some texture to your garage door is a good action. For one, it promotes safety as it avoids a slippery pavement.

    - Alphonse Daigle