Monday, July 11, 2011

Bow-Belt, Loose tutorial :)

So this is how I made the bow belt...I say loose tutorial because nothing I did here is exact, you can totally wing it and modify it to fit your needs :)

For the BELT:
1 piece of fabric that measures 9 in wide by your bra size x 1.3 ish, so my bra size is 34, and my piece of fabric was 44 in long {if you want more scrunchy/ruffly do more, if you want get the idea}
1 piece of WIDE elastic{mine was 2.5 in wide} that measures your bra size {after you thread it through the belt you'll trim 1.5-2 inches off depending on how tight you want it, and where it's going to sit on your body.
Snaps or Velcro, I used 3 snaps in the back, they are using snaps at the stores too...if you do use snaps, I like the "snapsource" snaps because their prongs are extra long and will stab through the layers of elastic and velcro easier, though it is still a struggle and velcro would have been much easier...pick your poison :)
cut your fabric per your specific measurements, I wanted my belt to be 3.5-4 in. wide, so my fabric was 9 inches wide

sew it into a tube and turn it right side out, press it with the seam in the middle of the back

Sew a straight seam about 5/8 from the edge, this is the part that will ruffle when your elastic is in, repeat for the other side :) so it looks like this:
Make sure your elastic will fit in between the seams
using a big safety pin, thread the elastic all the way through the tube
fold one end in and press it, sew it down with one end of elastic inside
Pull your elastic through and put it up to your body to see how tight you want it, then with the right amount of elastic out of the belt, sew a satin stitch (tight zig-sag stitch) down the end of the belt,
I put fray check on the end and then trim off the excess elastic {it's not pretty but It will be hidden by the velcro or snaps anyway :)
For the BOW:
One piece of fabric that is 4 x17 in (I wanted a bow that was 8 inches long)
one piece of felt that is 3.5x8 in
one piece of fabric that is 4x3
Sew the felt onto the folded piece of fabric and leave an opening for turning it right side out in the center of one of the sides, sew right on the line, like barely a millimeter onto the felt
snip the corners and turn right side out, sew the small piece of fabric into a tube adn turn it right side out, press them both
here's what the pressed bow piece should look like:
scrunch it up till you like the way it looks and sew it by hand, I like to sew through the middle then wrap a few times around the middle of the bow with my thread
wrap the small tube around the middle section and sew it on in the back, doesn't have to be pretty, just so its secure :)
Stitch it onto the middle of the belt, by whatever means works for you :) Mine does NOT look pretty, but it sure is secure :)

I also tacked down each corner of the bow to the belt so it wouldn't look funny, or crooked, or sag :)
I forgot to take photos, but I put 3 snaps in the back and...
TADA!!!! Super cute Bow belt!!1
Lovely right?
See this belt in Yellow HERE


  1. Love it! Love your blog too! If you have a chance, stop by and say "hi!"

  2. Everyone is going to want to make one! I wish my sewing machine were working...grr!

  3. I love it!! The grey looks fabulous with the yellow:) I am a new follower!