Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bow Belt in MUSTARD yellow :)

So now I am itching to make more and more of these beauties! This Navy blue and White number (A Ross score for $5.99, no I am not joking) needed a little yellow accessory, so I made another bow belt :)
I know I look a smidge pregnant or something in the above photo, but I promise I'm not, the wind blew the dress so I look a little more plump than I am...forgive me :)
Close up :) I wanted this one to be more ruffled than the last one, so I added more to the length of the belt (fabric tube, not the elastic)
I love how ruffly it looks :) Now I am looking for more things to wear with it! :)
Have I convinced you you need to make one yet?!


  1. Yes, Yes you've convinced me!! BUT I NEED HELLLP!!! You look beautiful court! Not even a SMIDGE pregnant. Beautiful!

  2. CA-YUUUUUUTE!!!!!!! Cute everything!!! I want to make one in every color!!!! I love it so much!!!! Great job!!! You lookin good!! love you!

  3. Holy hot tamale! Big score on that dress, and the belt takes it up so many notches. Wow, so cute! I need a new sewing machine, mine died. This belt is really motivating me to get a new one!